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Study in New Zealand

If you are looking for Study Abroad and have limited budget as well as desire to get a quality education, Study in New Zealand is the perfect choice for you. New Zealand offers everything that international students looking for, from best education to quality of living, broad opportunity to affordable study, this beautiful country has a bundle of opportunities to welcome international students.

Moreover, easy to get a permanent visa after study as well as simple process for a student visa, permission to work with study and several other important factors lets you feel secure while planning for Student Visa for New Zealand.

Study in New Zealand

Why Study In New Zealand?

  • In present times, New Zealand is emerging as a one of the favorite education destination for students all across the world. New Zealand Universities are amongst the top universities of the world and its education is recognized, globally.
Quality Educational System
  • New Zealand is growing popular for its best education system and lowest tuition fees compared to other countries in the world. Its education system is based on the British education system and become highly advanced. Its highly advanced education system keeps each certificate course, degree course and program up-to-date for best quality and hence, degrees from New Zealand universities are internationally accepted. Besides, they also have proficiency to assist international students in getting success in their study.
Variety of Courses to Study and Research
  • The North and South Islands of New Zealand comprises eight institutions that offer all levels of education from certificates to doctoral degrees. The government of New Zealand also endeavors for supporting international students and make good investment in the education sector. It also offers good research opportunities to students. The variety of courses includes arts, science, business, travel and tourism, engineering, computing & IT as well as hospitality, nursing and many more.
Easy to Get Admission
  • The New Zealand government puts more emphasis on education sector. This has made possible the universities have higher capacity to enroll more number of students. Even students with fair grades have chances to get admission in bachelor degree programs. Thus, international students have prospect to study in top universities of the world with minimal entry requirements.
Work Permit with Study
  • While studying in New Zealand, students can have permission to work for 20 hours in a week during their semester. In vacation, they can work for full time around 40 hours. Many institutions assist students in finding jobs through job search service of students. After completion of degree, students can have chances to get a work permit for a one year. It becomes easy to become eligible to apply for Permanent Residency for students who got the job in their field of study.
Trouble-free Visa Process
  • The process for New Zealand Student Visa is very simple compared to the process in other countries for applying student visa. In this process, your visa will not reject directly [as in other countries], you will have the chance to justify the reason. Thus, you will have a chance to convince the immigration department and if they found valid reason, you will get the visa. Moreover, New Zealand always welcomes and support international students to study and enrich their career.
Unmatched Destination
  • New Zealand is a country that comprises beautiful landscapes, beaches and several stunning natural places to visit. Even colleges and universities are surrounded by beautiful landscapes that increase the interest of students in their study. Moreover, people in New Zealand are very friendly and the multicultural society welcomes people from all across the world without differentiating the culture, religion, cast or color.

New Zealand’s Education System

  • The New Zealand’s education system is known as one of the best education system and it is very exceptional. The country has highest literacy level and its public funding in education considering highest in the world.
    Primary Education
    • Age 6 to 15 Years - From Grade 1 to 9.
    • Primary education is free and compulsory.
    • Students can choose distance learning if the school is more than five kilometers far from their home.
    Secondary Education
    • There are two options, Stream A in which, it requires for students to complete their previous 5 years at secondary schools. In Stream B, they need previous 3 years to complete at senior secondary school.
    Higher Education
    • Technical & Vocational Education - Students at senior secondary level start to specialize in vocational training. They can get assistance to work or for higher education from different institutions and programs.
    • Youth Guarantee courses – For students from age 16-19 have an opportunity to study NCEA level 1-3 or level 1-3 certificates at tertiary providers. It is completely free. It meant to focus more on vocational only.
    • Trades Academic – For age 15 to 18 (in year 11 to 13), these academies teach students trades and technology.
    Tertiary Education
    • Technology and Polytechnics Institutes – This includes study at these institutes for vocational and professional education as well as training programs from entry level certificate to degree, doctorates.
    • Industry Training Organizations – It provides training and qualifications for particular industry such as building & construction, agriculture, etc. The government and industry fund these organizations.
    • Private Training Institutes – They provide specific vocational courses at different level of certificate and diploma courses.
    • Study Level – Total 10 levels to study in schools and universities.
    • Lowest level – for a certificate course
    • Highest Level – for a Doctoral Degree course
    • Levels 1 to 4- Certificates.
    • Levels 5 and 6 - Diplomas.
    • Level 7 - Bachelor degrees & Graduate diplomas.
    • Level 8 - Postgraduate Certificates & Diplomas, Bachelor’s degrees with Honors.
    • Level 9 - Master’s Degrees.
    • Level 10 - Doctoral degrees.

    Visa Process

    Step By Step Process for New Zealand Student Visa

    • Pursue the course you want to study and check the availability of course in colleges and universities as well as check all requirements for admission.
    • Check for mandatory exams [IELTS, TOFEL, PTE] for your courses to get admission and clear exam.
    • Ensure application process and give an application for admission to your preferable institutes in New Zealand.
    • You will receive letter from that university/institute.
    • Now, you need to start preparing for arranging income related documents of your family or your sponsor.
    • You also need to get a police clearance certificate from the office of police commissioner.
    • Take an appointment for a medical examination with a registered doctor.
    • Start preparing your visa application for New Zealand Student Visa.
    • You can apply for a student visa at Immigration New Zealand.
    • Wait for your visa confirmation.
    • Once you receive visa confirmation, you have to pay tuition fees to the college/institute of New Zealand.
    • You have to also submit Fee receipt to immigration New Zealand.
    • The overall process for New Zealand Student Visa is simple and fast. Now, you can start preparing to go New Zealand to fulfill your dream of Higher Study and benefit your career from the world’s best education system.

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