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Study in Canada

All across the world, Canada is growing as more popular and preferable destination for students looking to study abroad. Canada is renowned for the international education as it comprises the top-class colleges and universities in the world.

Canada is the well developed and one of the world’s richest country comprising higher standards of education, quality of life, as well as civil liberties and economic freedom. Canada offers ample of opportunities to students as there are over 90 universities as well as 150 colleges and technical institutes.

Study in Canada

Why Study In Canada ?

Study in Canada gives you an excellent opportunity to well-establish your career and make your future secure. Not a single reason, but, list of facts that persuade students from all across the world for their question: Why Study in Canada?

Cost-effective Study
  • When you consider the cost factor for study in Canada and compare it with other countries like Study in UK or USA, tuition fees and living expenses become affordable in Canada. However, the Canadian education quality and standard of living is highest all across the world.
World-wide Recognition
  • Canada offers highest academic standards with quality education to students. Canadian universities are amongst world’s best ranking universities. Hence, achieving any Canadian degree, certificate or diploma has global recognition that gives students higher career prospects anywhere in the world.
Renown for Language Education
  • For students looking for learning English or French language, Canada is the best place to study. Canada is known as Bilingual and multicultural country. It offers excellent language training to students as French and English become a fundamental part of Canadian education.
Secure and Healthy Living
  • Canada is known as the best country in the world for living based on ranking given by the United Nations. Canada proffers international students equal opportunity and respect for human rights same as the people of Canada. The peaceful and multicultural country welcomes students from any countries or religions. International students can easily find recreation activities and ethnic foods of different cultures.
Unmatched Research Opportunities
  • Canada is the most preferable destination for research students. The government of Canada offers best support for research in different fields that comprises computer technology, medicine, agricultural, environment science, etc. Moreover, the post-secondary campuses offer broad facilities of learning and sports-related as well as opportunities for many more activities.

Canada’s Education System

    • Education system in Canada is separated mainly in three parts.
    • Elementary – Primary/Public School
    • Secondary – High School
    • Post Secondary - University/College
    Primary Education
    • Grade 1 – 6: For Age 6 to 12 years, Parents can select public or privately funded school for primary education.
    Secondary Education
    • Grade 7 - 12: For Age 12 to 18 years.
    • There is compulsory education up to age 16.
    • School education completes at grade 12.
    Vocational Education
    • Students interested in practical skills prefer to continue their study vocational education after completing secondary school.
    • There are a range of individual courses available having duration of 2-3 years.
    Tertiary Education
    • It includes 2 to 4 years studies in colleges and universities depending on the type and level of program.
    • No choices or ranking system for these courses.
    • Certificate Level – 1 Year
    • Diploma Course – 1 to 2 years
    • Advance Diploma – 2 to 3 years
    • Bachelor Degrees – 4 years full-time study
    • Post-graduate Diplomas/Certificates – 1 year
    • Master’s degrees – 1 to 2 years (after completion of bachelor degree)
    • Doctorate or PhD – 4 to 7 years

    Visa Process

    Step By Step Process for Canada’s Student Visa

    • Choose your desired course/program to study in Canada. Search for colleges/universities to enroll your selected course. Get all information related to course requirement, admission process, and eligibility.
    • Make a checklist of necessary documents for admission formalities.
    • Check with college/University about compulsory examination such as TOFEL, ILETs, GRE, or GMAT.
    • Before you submit an admission application, you should ensure essential information including fee structure, admission procedure and stay at campus hostel.
    • Prepare all documents essential to submit in a college for admission.
    • Send application to a college/university.
    • As soon as you receive an admission letter from the Canadian college or a university, you can start process to apply for Canada’s Student Visa.
    • First of all, you need to prepare your income related documents. If anyone sponsoring your education expenses, you need to collect income related information of the sponsor.
    • Make payment to college/university, you will get the fee receipt from the college.
    • You need to go for medical checkup with the registered doctor/hospital.
    • Start visa application form [ hire consultant, if you are not sure about how to submit an application].
    • Now, you have to submit visa application form for students to CIC [Citizen & Immigration Canada] through VFS.
    • Once you receive Canada’s student visa, make foolproof planning including ticket booking, shopping, travel insurance, arrangement for Canadian currency and accommodation. Now, get ready to fulfill your goal of Study in Canada.

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