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Study in USA

When it comes to study abroad, study in USA becomes a first choice for students from all across the globe due to its unmatched and top quality education system. It’s not just craze or passion, but real facts that allure students to shape their future in the best country of the world, the USA.

As students comes in USA from different countries of the world, the multicultural and supportive environment of the universities helps students to explore their learning abilities. For students looking for research programs, training and courses, USA offer best platforms to students to become a research scholar.

Study in USA

Why Study In The USA?

When you choose to study in USA, you have wide varieties of courses and programs to select your favorite one for higher studies. Each course has its unique value and importance. Furthermore, world’s best education system, most-modern, rich in technology, broad choices for course selection, scholarship, optional practical training, global job opportunities and several other future prospects makes your mind ready to choose it as your prime destination for Study in USA.

For any student looking to study in the USA, the country has many valuable things to offer such as:

  • From world’s top 20 universities, 16 top Universities are in the USA: You will enjoy enrolling in the world’s top university. From the world’s best 200 universities, 77 universities are in the USA only.
  • A Job opportunity in global companies, The USA is the headquarter of more than 100 fortune 500 companies.
  • Scholarship opportunities for multi-talented/need-based students
  • The USA has the world’s largest economy. Its currency US$ is widely accepted by all countries in the world.
Offers Great Diversity
  • In the USA, you will get diversity in selecting colleges, different areas of programs and specialty degree. There are over 4000 accredited institutions to get admission. Its best destination for students looking for study in medicine or software technology.
  • If you are looking for business study, you can have a range of specialty study like business administration, marketing, finance, accounting, international business and several more. There are different levels that you can choose to study these courses such as undergraduate, graduate, etc.
An Unmatched Education System for Higher Study
  • In colleges and universities in the USA, you will get special attention as there are small class sizes comprising 10 to 20 students per class.
  • The professor or lecture gives personal attention to each student and encourage them to participate in discussions. They give liberty to meet them for any of their queries in colleges or even in the canteen.
  • They also inspire them by offering a liberal environment and become best mentors guide students to motivate their career, increase confidence and explore their vision. U.S. universities provide academic freedom which is the key advantage for student’s swift growth.
Cutting Edge Technology, Innovation and Research Facility
  • With cutting-edge technology for research based courses and training programs, you will find unsurpassed experience to study even complicated subject very easily and efficiently.
  • For students looking for research program and training, USA offers technologically advanced colleges and universities with a veteran team of professors.
Rich Culture and History
  • USA is an incredible destination for tourists and students.
  • Study in USA will give opportunities to understand the rich culture and history of the country.
  • You will have the opportunity to explore beautiful beaches, national parks, waterfalls, theme parks, stunning valleys and many more to experience with the beauty of nature in the USA.
Global Reorganization
  • Degree from US University is considering extremely influencing and powerful and accepted by top multinational organizations all across the world.
Study and Work Flexibility
  • With credit units, USA schools also accommodate working students; you will get different academic programs with great flexibility.

USA’S Education System

The education system of USA proffers broad scope of selection for students come from all across the world. When you prefer to study abroad, you should get familiar with the American Educational System. Understanding the USA’s education system, you can take right decision to choose your desirable course in your favorite school or university.

    Primary and Secondary School
    • Pre School - Children with age group of 3 to 5 Years
    • Elementary or Primary School - Grades 1 to 5
    • Middle School or Junior High School - Grade 6 to 8
    • High School - Grade 9 to 12(students get a diploma certificate on completion of high school)
    Associate at Community College
    • Many students prefer community colleges for the first two years. They get an Associate of Arts degree to get admission in a college or a university to complete their remaining two years of graduation.
    • If you do not want to enroll in community college, you can take direct admission in college or university for four year undergraduate program in order to get a bachelor degree.
    • With Associate degree, you can take admission into third year directly in the Undergraduate Program.
    Undergraduate at College/University
    • To earn a bachelor degree [4 years duration], for the first two years, you need to study prerequisite courses such as science, history, arts, literature etc. This course helps you in achieving general knowledge. It is a foundation before you start focusing on your specific subject or field.
    • Those who have completed two years Associate degree from community college can directly get admission in third year.
    • In the third year, you have to choose ‘Major’, a specific subject, for instance, you choose English as a ‘Major’, you will get a Bachelor of Arts in English degree. You have to complete certain numbers of courses in your ‘Major’ as decided by your college in third and fourth years of your graduation.
    Graduate at College/University
    • In order to get master degree, you have to enroll in a graduate program. You need to complete the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) to get admission. Most of the graduate programs require particular tests, for example, for business school - the GRE or GMAT, for Law School - the LSAT and for Medical School - the MCAT.
    • The duration of this program takes 1 to 2 Years [ Program such as Master of Business Administration takes two years, For Master in Journalism, it takes one year only.] A graduate student needs to prepare a long research paper (Master’s thesis) or complete a master’s project.
    Doctorate Degree at University
    • It requires three years or more to get a PhD degree.
    • In order to enroll in Doctorate degree, it requires minimum master degree to get admission.
    • For International students, it may take 5 to 6 years to achieve the doctorate degree.

    Visa Process

    Step By Step Process for USA Student Visa (F1 Visa)

    • Select a course/program to study in the USA, find colleges/universities offer your selected program or course, make sure to get admission in accredited universities to avoid visa problems.
    • Prepare a checklist for admission requirement.
    • Ensure with colleges/universities regarding compulsory examination like GRE,GMAT, TOFEL, IELTS.
    • Make sure about admission formalities/fee structure/financial planning/stay at campus hostel.
    • Prepare all documents essential to submit in a college for admission.
    • Send application to a college/university.
    • Once you receive an admission letter from your college or a university, you can start process for Student Visa for USA (F1 Visa).
    • You have to first pay the SEVIS (it is the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) and USA Student Visa fee.
    • Submit your Visa Application Form.
    • Book an appointment with the Visa office for your Visa Interview.
    • Start preparation for your visa interview; Keep ready all your certificates, college admission letter and other essential documentation require to present during visa interview.
    • Once you receive USA student visa, you can pay fees in college/university and start preparation to accomplish your dream – Study in USA.

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