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why study in the UK?

The education system in the UK is highly flexible that enable students to achieve their career aspiration. If you are looking to study abroad, Study in UK is the best option as it is time and cost effective. In addition to world-famous education system, unique teaching style, course flexibility, fast and easy visa process are some significant factors to choose UK for higher education.

World-Class Quality Education
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With consistently increasing rank in the world’s best education institutions, its qualifications are highly recognized and internationally valued. With stringent rules and regulation set for the education institutes by the government, UK education institutions are considered amongst the best all over the world.

Recognized and Accepted All Across the Globe
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UK degrees are highly recognized and accepted all across the world. Students having a UK degree can have best opportunities to build their career with excellent salary packages, successfully anywhere in the world.

Flexibility in Course Selection & Duration
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Students can blend vocational and academic courses of their choices. You can tailor your degree and also include specialized modules. Students can complete their courses earlier compared to the same course duration in other countries. You can complete your Master degree even in one year only. This helps students in saving their valuable time and money and eases them to start earning. Its degree courses are shorter, but highly demanding.

Tremendous Career Opportunities
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As UK courses are designed specifically and also update time by time, it is all time high in demands. Students get the best training, encouragement and motivation with study that enhances their outer and inner creativity, self-confidence and skill sets. This enables students to easily get best employment prospects. Pursuing UK degree gives you excellent career opportunities no matter the area of your degree or course.

Work Opportunity with Study
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There are boundless work opportunities in the UK for students. They can work for 20 hours in a week during their term time. They can work in holiday without any time limit. Also, students can get practical experience through their internship programs.

Excellent Teaching by World’s leading Experts
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The world’s leading academics and experts from different sectors offers teaching which becomes a big opportunities for students. The UK universities are unique in terms of innovative methods of teaching and assessment that encourage students to enhance their skills and get proficiency in the subject.

UK’S education system

The education system of USA proffers broad scope of selection for students come from all across the world. When you prefer to study abroad, you should get familiar with the American Educational System. Understanding the USA’s education system, you can take right decision to choose your desirable course in your favorite school or university.

Primary Education
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Grade 1 to 7 – From Age 5 years to 12 years

Undergraduate / Bachelor Degree

You can enroll Undergraduate program for following degrees

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BA - Bachelor of Arts

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B.Sc. - Bachelor of Science

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LLB - Bachelor of Law

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BS or BM - Bachelor of Medicine

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B. Ed- Bachelor of Education Sciences

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B. Engg - Bachelor of Technical Sciences

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B. Mus - Bachelor of Music

It is three years of studies in England and Wales and four years in Scotland. For a degree in architecture, dentistry and medicine, it requires five to seven years for completion.

Secondary Education
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Grade 8 to 10 – From Age 11 years to 16 years

Postgraduate Degrees
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Masters, doctorate, certificates and postgraduate diploma are postgraduate courses.

Masters Programs
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Master degree program is a one year program. There are two parts of master degree program, one is theoretical and second is research courses. Theoretical program is for a whole year, which is coursework based. The research program is for three months, which mainly includes research based activity and no class work in it.

In master program, there is three months internship or project. There are also opportunities for paid internships based on your project and industry.

Doctorate Degree
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It requires three to four years for completion.

visa process

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Make a complete research about colleges and universities and short list the best that precisely meet your requirement. ( In terms of your budget and eligibility to get admission)

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Clear examination (IELTS, TOFEL, PTE), ensure with the college in which you are applying for admission about the examination.

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Checklist necessary documents, apply for admission in colleges/Universities

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Once you receive an admission letter from college/university, prepare all documents, including finance related papers to apply for a visa.

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Pay admission fees in the UK college/University.

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After receiving confirmation of acceptance from UK College, you need to go for medical examination by a registered hospital/doctor.

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Now, you need to prepare a student visa application with online visa application.

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Take visa application appointment from VFS.

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Make preparation for UK student visa interview.

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Now, you have to submit your visa application at VFS office.

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Once you get a UK student visa, you should start preparation to go UK. The preparation includes ticket booking for UK, travel insurance, foreign exchange and arrangement for your accommodation in the UK. Prepare list of all important things for shopping.

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If your visa rejected you need to start the process again. Do not worry, with the help of expert visa consultant, you can apply for visa again to accomplish your dream.

The process for getting a Student Visa for UK is fast and easy if you have all documents ready and become eligible. Hence, just find your desire college, apply for admission and get visa to Study in UK.

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