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why study in france

France offers many opportunities to establish your career after study. Study in France gives students great and unmatched experience to study and live in this beautiful country. Moreover, applying for France student visa is simple and fast with a high visa success rate. International students also have the opportunity to get work permits of two years after the study.

Top Universities/Affordable Tuition Fees
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With several options to choose your study program, The French higher education system is the world’s best as well as prestigious in Europe countries. French universities comprise top ranking in international university rankings. There are many top ranking business school renowned to study master degree in business management. If you are looking for choose technology or research based study or arts, France provides a broad range of courses to choose. Moreover, studying at public universities becomes very cheaper. Even the cost of study in private universities is very economical compared to study in other countries like USA and UK. In addition, France is also known as one of the best student cities in which Paris ranks first.

Scholarship Opportunity
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For international students, there are many scholarship opportunities offers by the French government which has made France as a most preferable education destination for international students having limited budget. To attract the international students for higher studies such as masters, PhDs, engineering, there is an Eiffel scholarship program that offers students monthly allowance and other expenses. The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship program includes tuition fees, cost of living, travelling and insurance expenses for students of Master and Ph.D. degree. There is many more scholarship programs offer by France public universities. Thus, for highly skilled students, France is indeed a most preferable study destination for higher education at no cost.

Excellent Job Opportunities
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There are over 200 engineering schools and around 220 business schools with best education system. After completing study in France, students get two years work permit. Besides, learning French language will also give many advantages for your career. There are excellent partnership networks between the higher education institutes and top companies in the France that gives students excellent job opportunities direct from their education institute. In addition, France is a home of many international corporations helpful for students to directly start their career with a multinational company. From 500 fortune global companies, 31 companies are in France.

Getting Proficiency in French
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French is English like language and when living in the France, you will have great chances to learn French language that gives you many benefits of its learning. If you are fluent in English it becomes very easy for you to learn French. As French is a popular language all across the world, learning this language is always beneficial. France is known for its rich culture, food, art and history, this beautiful country offers you a fine opportunity to explore many things with your study.

France’s Education System

The education system in France is organized and centralized. The kindergarten is optional. There are the three stages of compulsory education system in France, Primary, Secondary and Higher Education.

Primary Education/Elementary School
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Five levels at the Elementary School for students of Age Group – 6 to 11 Years, it includes the basic mathematics and mastering the French language. The key objective of elementary school is to train students with the tools essential to explore their knowledge.

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The five levels at Elementary School are:

  • - CP: From Age 6 to 7 years.

  • - CE1: From Age 7 to 8 years.

  • - CE2: From Age 8 to 9 years.

  • - CM1: From 9 to 10 years.

  • - CM2: From 10 to 11 years.

Secondary Education/Junior High School
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Students between the age group of 11 to 15 have to attend junior high school for 4 levels of secondary education.

  • - 6ème: From Age 11 to 12 years.

  • - 5ème: From Age 12 to 13 years.

  • - 4ème : From 13 to 14 years.

  • - 3ème : From 14 to 15 years.

Higher Education/ Senior High School
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Between the age group of 15 to 18 years, Students in France have to prepare themselves at senior high school for higher education.

  • - 2nde: From 15 to 16 years It offers the similar program for all students prior to their study in technological program or general for further study. They can select their field at the end of this study level.

  • - 1ère (première): From 16 to 17 years.

  • - Terminale: From 17 to 18 years It leads to the baccalauréat examination. It is the knowledge and skill based test taken at the end of their high school years. It is the first qualification of higher education.

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There are following General Streams.

  • - Literature (L).

  • - Economics & Social Sciences (ES).

  • - Science (S).

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There are following Technology Streams.

  • -Laboratory science and technology - STL.

  • - Industrial Science and Technology and Sustainable Development - STI2D.

  • - Science and Technology of Business Management - STMG.

  • - Science and Technology of Design and Applied Arts - STD2A.

  • - Science and Technology of Health and Social Care - ST2S.

  • - Science and Technology of Agronomy and Living Organisms – STAV.

  • - Music and dance Techniques - TMD.

  • - Hotel Management .

visa process

Step By Step Process for France Student Visa

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Search your preferable course to study in France and find colleges/universities, inquire about admission formalities, fee structure and mandatory exams.

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Based on requirement of the college, clear mandatory exams [ IELTS, TOFEL, PTE].

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Prepare admission application to submit in the college.

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Submit an admission application in college/university of France.

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Receive admission letter from France College/Institute.

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Start preparing financial/income related documents for France’s Student visa application.

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Pay tuition fees to college/university of France.

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After receiving an admission acceptance letter/invitation letter, start preparing for visa application.

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Submit online visa application to Campus France (French Embassy in India for promoting Higher Education in France).

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Once you receive the intimation letter from Campus France, you have to appear for interview with original documents.

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After receiving NOC from Campus France, you have to schedule your visa interview with VFS.

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Now, you need to submit student visa application at VFS.

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Get your student visa approval letter.

After receiving your student visa approval, you can start preparation for your visit to France for study. When you go to study abroad, you need foolproof research to study and live in your chosen country. Hence, with the help of expert visa consultant, you can make your stay and study trouble-free and ideal.

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