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Spoken English Coaching

Spoken English is becoming a key necessity for the students looking for study abroad. If you are planning to study in other country or already got an admission or working professional, at Reyna Overseas, we proffer experienced and expert Spoken English Coaching.

Our excellent Spoken English program is specifically designed by comprehending the ability of all types of students and well efficient to make them confident and capable to speak in English. Our advanced coaching helps professionals, students, or everyone looking for getting proficiency in Spoken English.

Spoken English Coaching

Why Reyna Overseas For Spoken English Coaching?

  • Most advanced course structure to deliver efficient coaching
  • Precisely designed course helpful to achieve your career goals
  • Coaching by veteran English coaches and highly skilled professionals
  • Innovative teaching methods to increase interest of students
  • Personal attention, best study materials for easy translation
  • Value-added and result-oriented Coaching to enrich your career

Course Structure Of Spoken English

Level 1

Fundamental English
  • In this level of beginners, we specially teach easy ways to communicate in English. We mainly focus on
  • Spelling making
  • Basic of grammar ( Articles, punctuation, nouns, adverbs, conjunctions)
  • Vocabulary
  • Right pronunciation
  • Elementary reading skills
  • Summarize written text (paragraph)
  • Essay (20 mins)

Level 2

Strengthen Your Grammar Ability
  • In level 2, we mainly focus on strengthening your grammatical skill. Once you get acquainted with basic grammar, we teach you
  • Advance grammar
  • Making sentences, negative sentences
  • Fundamental guidelines of English language in general conversation
  • Re-order paragraphs
  • Other useful guidance for making spoken English simple

Level 3

Advance Level for English Proficiency
  • In this advance level, we put extra efforts to enhance your English skills. In Level 3, we assist you in improving your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.
  • Improve your fluency and communication skills
  • Strengthen your grammar knowledge and vocabulary
  • Building skill in public speaking, group discussion, communication with clients
  • General guidance for building confidence and spoken English proficiency

Finally…Everything You Want (And Need) In One Place

Cutting-Edge PTE Coaching

Equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure, libraries and most recent study materials, we have the capabilities to deliver students hi-end Coaching.

Proven Training Methods

In order to enhance proficiency in each session such as reading, writing, listing and speaking, we have proven methodology that ease students to improve their skill. From improving grammar skill to spoken and listening ability, we assist you to make you ready to achieve your score.

Flexible Batch Timing

Study with Flexible batch timing, motivational programs, group discussion, special batches, extra practical timing and regular tests, we always endeavor to make our training innovative and engaging.

Highly Experienced Professionals

Having years of experienced in offering PTE training, our highly knowledgeable professionals utilize their experience in delivering the best training to students. Moreover, they keep themselves updated with the most recent PTE course structure, study material and test papers useful to guide students.

Satisfaction, Guaranty

We assist each student to set a goal of achieving a band score 6 or higher. At Reyna Overseas, as a prominent Coaching class, we give equal importance and attention to each student.

Best Environment for Study

We offer amicable and pleasant environment to enhance the confidence of students from the first day of his/her study. Our key objective is to get rid of English language fear from the student’s mind and turn it into an interesting subject to learn and get proficiency.